Here are a few mangle boards from my personal collection that are for sale or trade. For more information, please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unless otherwise stated, all my mangle boards are in their original condition, with the original handle and original paint. It was not uncommon for a handle to break during use, and it was then replaced by a new handle, whose wood species, carving and painting differed from the old one. Many mangle boards were also repainted when they were no longer in use, to make them more decorative. What interests me about mangle boards is the combination of useful and pleasant, function and aesthetics. A mangle board without marks of use reminds me of a poorly designed tool or a poorly chosen gift.

If you are interested in a mangle board, contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll give you more information. You can pay via Paypal or by bank transfer.

1. Norway, late 19th century, 78 x 9 cm. Gorgeous mangle board crafted with great care. Concave in shape, it is adorned at the end with a roll, two large rosettes, and in the middle, five rods (three cylindrical and two rectangular) with the lower part hollowed out. The rods were not separately carved and then glued: they are made from the wood of the mangle board, which has been meticulously hollowed out without breaking the rods. It's a tour de force by an excellent craftsman. Beautiful honey-colored patina. All the rods are in perfect condition. Small breakage on the right end of the roll. 1,250 €


2. Norway, 1854, 74 x 9 cm. A sober, finely executed mangle board with a bright mahogany patina. It was made by a gifted craftsman, as evidenced by the delicacy of the horse's head, as well as the carved facets on the knob that facilitate use of the board. The engagement date and initials of the fiancée have the beauty of calligraphy. 675 €.


3. Norway, circa 1800, 69 x 15 cm. Very large mangle board on which grows a large plant adorned with 4 flowers and numerous buds. This motif is unique and can be seen from afar. The horse is shown with its head down, as if drinking. This mangle board has been used extensively. Old break on the hind legs, repaired with a wooden dowel. With its original rolling pin. 750 €.


4. Norway, 1778, 85 x 11 cm. Large and beautiful baroque mangle board, with original paint. The handle, hefty in size, is adorned with various leaves depicted with great attention to detail, with open spaces running right through it, lending an overall sense of lightness. An attractive little handle made of turned wood makes this mangle board very convenient to use. 875 €.


8. Denmark, circa 1780, 58 x 15 cm. Charming mangle board with the horse slightly shifted forward, likely to make room for the very large tail, which almost resembles a waterfall. The geometric patterns on the board effectively alternate curves and straight lines, and this contrast is further highlighted by the original two-tone coloring (green-red). The mangle board has cracked at the back and was previously repaired with a metal plate screwed in place. 750 €.


9. Germany, circa 1780, 68 x 16 cm. Beautiful mangle board in the grand German decorative tradition. The handle, placed in the center, is adorned with several spiral plants as well as small floral motifs. On the underside of the board are intertwined initials (those of the betrothed), surrounded by a wreath of flowers. The pièce de résistance is obviously the large winged angel, blowing a trumpet (as a messenger of God) and holding a palm in his other hand (symbolizing spiritual victory). He is perched on a large pedestal, symbolizing his importance and closeness to God. 1,450 €


11. Norway, circa 1800, 78 x 12 cm. Striking mangle board, distinguished by a handle featuring a protruding mascaron head, reminiscent of those seen on the facades of churches in Scandinavia. It depicts a woman with beautifully parted hair. The mangle board is adorned with heart-shaped strawberries, a fruit associated with the arrival of spring and thus with life. 1,500 €


12. Norway, circa 1750, 69 x 15 cm. This mangle board stands out for its horse with a very large neck, which attracts attention from afar. The horse's silhouette is pure and round. The mangle board is covered with superb, meticulously carved decorations. Some motifs are rare, like the waves between the rosettes. The superb 10-heart rosette is a particular highlight. Several old breaks have been repaired with wrought-iron nails. Honey patina. 825 €


13. Denmark, 1783, 61 x 14 cm. Completely painted mangle boards are rare in Denmark, and a large part of the motif has usually disappeared. This is not the case with this one, which, although well used, still has its original paint, showing various types of flowers. The harness on the horse's head is also painted. 650 €.


16. Germany, circa 1850, 55 x 10 cm. Mangle board with a beautiful large floral motif, carved in bas-relief. Old traces of glue on the back. 125 €


18. Sweden, 1877, 39 x 12 cm. Washing paddle with its original paint, showing a complex floral composition, with many different flowers. A triple heart is painted on the end of the handle. Beautiful carving. This washing paddle has seen much use. 375 €

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